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The best known city of the "Zennevallei" and the "Pajottenland", is no doubt, the beautiful pilgrimage location HALLE, where the "St.Martinus-Basilica" welcomes pilgrims since the 1300's. The central square and the city hall are of equal historical value!

A busy and cozy town

On the central square you can find an array of brasseries and cafés where you can enjoy the local craft beers from one of the many local breweries. Every third Sunday morning of the month, there is a popular flea market and during the summer different brass bands provide a happy atmosphere.

Every Thursday morning and Saturday morning, there is a lively market. There are lots of shopping opportunities in the cozy streets around the centre with a wide array of classy boutiques and typical, original shops.

Every year in March, Halle celebrates the three day lasting "Carnival" with a great fairground with on Sunday a colorful procession and on Monday evening the magnificent closing fireworks!


Enjoying a beautiful region

A beautiful cycling route starts in Halle taking you through a varying landscape of woods and fields, castles, farmhouses and churches. This was once the inspiration for the great painter Pieter Brueghel.

Since June 2014 the hiking network of the Pajottenland has doubled in size and with its 760 km it is the largest network in Flanders!

The surrounding villages and towns, like Gaasbeek, with its unique castle, Huizingen and its Provincial domain, the famous rosegardens of the Coloma Park in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, are certainly worth a visit.

At the beginning of April, a walk in the nearby "Hallerbos", a forest of Halle, is a must because of the vast fields of bluebells!

Dining in Halle

After shopping, sightseeing or meeting, there is opportunity to dine in one of the many restaurants in and around Halle. Les Eleveurs, Van Hoo, Eldolicious, de Kaai, Duo are in walking distance.. A little further, but certainly worth a visit, are 't Kriekske, de Eekhoorn, de Neu Pruim and De Drie Fonteinen. If you rather prefer a light or fast meal, you can go to Magg's, Vandaag, or Gusto.


30 minutes away from the heart of Brussels

The railway station is in front of the B&B and the train takes you in no time to Belgium's biggest cities. A direct train takes you to the Airport, it takes 20 minutes to be in Brussels, a couple of hours travelling to Amsterdam, Paris or even London.
Feel free to leave your car at home because our B&B is literally a two minute walk away from the train station.



Exploring by Vespa

Explore Halle, the Pajottenland and the Zennevallei by Vespa or scooter with a retro look !
Renting a scooter is already possible for 69 €/day.


Cycling network

The cycling network "Pajottenland-Zennevallei", is the most recent of all the cycling networks in Flanders. The network counts no less than 70 nodes and a total of 410 km. You can come with the public transportation or by car. You can start on your cycling tour with your own bicycle or rent one locally!

Bike-rental: De Spaak


Boating and Cycling

"Kanaaltochten Brabant" organizes boating and cycling combinations on and around the Canal!


Walking network

Walking in and around Halle

When you visit Halle, pay a visit to the Tourist Office in the Town center. They will give you all kind of information about the places worth seeing and the walking pads.


Walking in the Hallerbos

Hallerbos – "The Blue Forest" – is the most important and most extensive forest area between "Zenne & Zoniën" The forest is a crowd favorite thanks to the beautiful purple carpet of bluebells, which bloom around mid-April. The giant Sequoia trees also make a visit to this forest more than worthwhile
Our B & B offers hiking maps and info guides!


Herissemmolen Dworp

The Paper mill "Herissem" and the former cardboard factory Winderickx in Alsemberg, is a 19th century industrial complex that developed out of the old papermill, founded in 1536. The complex is one of the best preserved examples of the once thriving paper and cardboard history in the Flemish Brabant Region. Today you can find a museum, tavern, congress- and seminar rooms - a perfect location for events.


Kasteel van Gaasbeek

The medieval castle has an eventful past and evolved from a strategic stronghold into a spacious country house. This Castle is a time machine and stimulates all the senses. Surprising exhibitions "translating" the historical heritage in a creative way comparing with today, lead you through always changing scenery. Concerts and events make sure that there is always something interesting to enjoy.


"Farmshop" Waterhof

In the shadow of the Castle of Gaasbeek lies the beautiful typical farm: "Waterhof".

Since 1993, Koen & Els, the owners of the "Waterhof", sell their original farm ice-cream, pudding, rice-pudding, chocolate mousse and tiramisu. They serve over more than 50 Sunday in their courtyard as well as pancakes. They have also a nice ice-cream parlor above the farmer shop.


Provincial domain Huizingen

The provincial domain Huizingen, is a recrational park with beautiful nature! In the shadow of the 19th century Castle of Huizingen, there's a vast domain with lots of recreational possibilities, boating and swimming lakes, open air pool, a playing and climbing paradise for the youngest, an array of fields for tennis, football, athletics, miniature golf, etc. In the Arboretum you can discover many broad-leaved trees, conifers and during spring a carpet of daffodils, azaleas and hyacinths. The Eastern-inspired rock garden reveals a color palette with more than 1200 species of plants.


Castle & Rosegarden Coloma in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

The domain "Coloma" consists of a castle, a park and the biggest rosegarden of Europe, a beautiful "green lung" just 10 km southwest of Brussels.


Breweries & Gueuze Tour

The "Gueuze Tour" was organised for the first time in 1997 when the breweries Boon, De Troch, Drie Fonteinen, Lindemans, Timmermans and De Cam opened their doors for the public. After the overwhelming success of this first "open door" day of these breweries of the Pajottenland and the Valley of the Zenne, they decided to organize this event every two years.
The 10th edition of the Gueuze Tour was on Sunday the 3rd of May 2015!
During this Gueuze Tour the gueze producers open their doors to the public. They will show you around and will give information on the process of their production. You can, at this occasion, also taste the product! There is also side-animation!

The 9 breweries

  • Drie Fonteinen, Hoogstraat 2A, Beersel
  • Boon, Fonteinstraat 65, Lembeek
  • De Cam, Dorpstraat 67A, Gooik
  • De Troch, Langestraat 20, Wambeek
  • Hanssens Artisanaal, Vroenenbosstraat 15/1, Dworp
  • Lindemans, Lenniksebaan 1479, Vlezenbeek
  • Mort Subite, Lierput 1, Kobbegem
  • Oud Beersel, Laarheidestraat 230, Beersel
  • Timmermans, Kerkstraat 11, Itterbeek

Regional products

The "Streekproducten Centrum" (center of regional products) is situated in Halle and has the most artisanal and handicraft produced alimentation in Vlaams-Brabant. With more dan 200 products everyone can find something he likes. Part of the products are made in the Center, often based on the old recipes.



In June 2015 there was a spectacular memorial of an happening that more than ever speaks to the collective imagination, the Battle of Waterloo! Because of its 200th anniversary spectacular reconstructions are planned with 5000 extras, 300 horses and 100 pieces of artillery. You missed this opportunity, because the next edition will take place in 2025! We also invite you to visit the museum, to walk on the campgrounds and explore the life of the soldiers 200 years ago.


Mons - Mons 2015, cultural capital of Europe

Mons is a provincial capital, far away from the spotlights of the Capital, near the country border, but, most of all, it is a beautiful town. With its temperamental people and its shaken history, this small patch of ground is able to change destinations. In 2015 Mons was the de Cultural Capital of Europe!


Brussels – The Center of Fine Arts - BOZAR

In Belgium, if you speak about "Culture", it means that you must have seen The Center of Fine arts in Brussels. Exhibitions, concerts, theater – and movies, projects on literature and architecture, Bozar is always very "original" and renewing.




Magritte museum

Dinosaur gallery

More: http://visitbrussels.be/



Pairi Daiza

Waterloo battelfield

Lessines, Notre-Dame à la Rose

Beloeil, the Belgian Versailles

Canal du centre

Nature "Le pays des Collines"

Hainaut' parks and gardens